Employee Supervision

Employees will work under the direction and supervision of 
supervisory personnel.
Effective supervision depends primarily on the ability of 
supervisors to get employees to do what they want them to 
do--with enthusiasm.  Effective supervision requires the 
ability to deal with people as well as proficiency in the 
technical tasks at hand.  We espouse the following employee 
management techniques:
A.  Employees are treated as individuals;
B.  Supervisory personnel give recognition for good 
    performance as well as correcting mistakes;
C.  Supervisors model integrity among all staff members by
    accepting responsibility for their individual actions; 
D.  Supervisors are objective and unbiased in all actions and
    let their employees know the reasons for any decisions 
    which might be misinterpreted;
E.  Supervisors establish logical and achievable performance
    goals and standards for their departments as a whole and
    for each employee on an individual basis; and
F.  Supervisors strive for rapport and esprit d'corps among
    their employees and between departments.

Approved By Governing Board    
Control #156.0