Exposure Control

In order to ensure the safety of all patients, visitors, 
employees, and members of the Provider Staff, this 
organization is committed to compliance with all State and 
Federal regulations governing employee safety and health.  A 
comprehensive Safety and OSHA manual is maintained.
We have developed an appropriate plan for the education and 
protection of employees regarding workplace hazards, 
including blood borne pathogens and other health 
industry-specific precautions, for the safe use of medical 
gases, and for the use of personal protective equipment.  
Implementation of the plan and monitoring of adherence to the 
safety principles which form the foundation for the plan are 
the responsibility of the owner and may be administered by a 
Safety Committee.
It is recognized that this organization is subject to natural 
and man-made disasters, appropriate materials are available 
to guide employees in dealing with such events including 
instruction on the safest method of evacuating personnel and 
patients from the facility should the need arise.
Finally, access to care for disabled Americans is assured 
through legislative mandates as well as being a major concern 
to all facets of the medical industry.  We are committed to 
providing care to all of our patients in the most 
compassionate manner possible and has adopted the American 
Medical Association guide to the Americans with Disabilities 

1.  All employees will be trained in universal precautions at
    the time of employment; such training will be updated on
    an annual basis.
2.  The Safety Committee is responsible for education at 
    employee meetings to assure that disaster drills are
    carried out on a regular basis, consistent with the 
    standards of the accreditation agencies, and that
    quarterly safety inspections are conducted.
    Non-employee visitors who expect to spend more than 15
    minutes performing contracted or other non-employee 
    duties at our site are required to complete an 
    Independent Contractor Confidentiality Consent/Agreement
    advising of the potential presence of contaminated
    medical or hazardous waste and the requirement of 
    confidentiality regarding privileged patient information.
3.  A file of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) will be 
    maintained; all employees will be apprised of the
    particular hazards of any new materials.
Approved By Governing Board    
Control #154.0