Clinical Staff Initial Competency and Orientation

All clinical employees will receive necessary orientation and 
instruction to allow the fulfillment of their job 
1.  All clinical personnel shall participate in initial 
    competency orientation program. Additionally, all 
    clinical personnel shall complete the Clinical portion 
    of this program within two weeks of hire.
2.  The initial competency orientation shall be conducted by
    the employee's supervisor.
3.  All areas must be completed or noted as 'not applicable'.
4.  The initial competency orientation check List shall be 
    signed by the supervisor and employee upon completion 
    and placed in the employee's personnel file.
5.  Initial competency orientation program specific to the 
    employee's job description will be done by the 
    employee's supervisor. The job description should 
    be signed by the supervisor and employee, and placed in
    the employee's personnel file.  The employee shall be 
    given a copy of his job description.
6.  Review of facility policies and procedures shall be the
    responsibility of the employee.  
Approved By Governing Board    
Control #153.2