Initial Competency Orientation and Training

All new employees will be oriented, trained, and initial 
competency proven to enable them to learn their assigned jobs 
and to develop the skills required to be a productive member 
of the team.
1.  An initial competency orientation program will be 
    designed for each newly  hired employee. A position-
    specific job description will also be used
    during orientation, as well as other appropriate
2.  The supervisor will use the designated initial  
    competency orientation program to assure all areas have 
    been covered.
3.  The above-referenced tool and the job description
    should each be signed by the employee and supervisor;
    the signed documents should be placed in the employee's 
    personnel file.
4.  Employees will be requested to participate in continuing
    education and training programs when such instruction is
    considered necessary for satisfactory job performance.
See the Forms Repository.

Approved By Governing Board    
Control #151.1