Equal Opportunity Employment

Individuals are hired solely upon the basis of their 
qualifications. In no event shall the hiring of an employee 
be considered as creating a contractual relationship with the 
employee; and, unless otherwise provided in writing, 
employment shall be at will, so that either party may 
terminate the relationship at any time and for any lawful 
reason.  Equal opportunity employment is provided to all 
employees and applicants for employment regardless of race, 
religion, color, sex, age, national origin, or handicap.  
This equal employment opportunity applies to all aspects of 
employment including recruitment, hiring, training, 
promotion, job benefits, rate of pay, dismissal, educational 
assistance, and social and recreational activities.
1.  Where qualified applicants are available internally, it 
    is our preference to fill job openings by promoting from 
2.  To aid the process of selecting those most qualified for 
    the job, employment tests may be used as a part of normal 
    hiring procedures for certain positions.
    If investigation discloses any misrepresentation on the 
    application form or information indicating that the 
    individual is not suited for employment, the applicant 
    may be refused employment or, if already employed, may be 
3.  Only citizens of the United States and aliens who are 

authorized to work in the United States will be 
    considered for employment.  There is no unlawful 
    discrimination on the basis of citizenship or national 
    In compliance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act 
    of 1986, each new employee, as a condition of employment, 
    must complete the Employment Eligibility Verification 
    Form (I-9) and present documentation establishing 
    identity and employment eligibility.  Former employees 
    who are rehired must also complete the form if they have 
    not completed an I-9 for this organization within the 
    past three years or if their previous I-9 is no longer 
    available or valid.
    Employees may raise questions or complaints about 
    immigration law compliance without fear of reprisal.

Approved By Governing Board    
Control #149.0