Holidays to be observed each year will be determined by management. Eligible employees will be given a day off with pay for each holiday observed.
1.  A schedule of holidays to be observed during each calendar year will be published.
2.  Eligible employees will receive their regular rate of pay for each holiday.  Part-time, temporary, and employees on sick leave are not entitled to holiday pay.
3.  To receive holiday pay, an otherwise eligible employee must be at work, or on an authorized absence, on the work
    days immediately preceding and immediately following the day on which the holiday is observed.
4.  An employee calling in sick the day prior to or after a holiday may not receive holiday pay.
5.  If a holiday occurs during an employee's vacation period, the employee may choose to receive pay for the holiday or an additional day of paid vacation. 
6.  Some employees may wish to observe, as periods of worship or commemoration, certain days which are not included in the holiday schedule.  Accordingly, an employee who desires to take a day off for such reason shall be permitted to do so, upon giving prior notice to his or her supervisor and provided the employee's absence from work does not result in an undue hardship on the conduct of business. Employees may use accumulated paid time off for such occasions or they may take such time off as an unpaid, excused absence.

Approved By Governing Board    
Control #148.0