Personal Telephone Calls, Mail, and the Internet
Telephone, mail, and email shall be available during working 
hours for effective communication with patients and business 
associates.  Accordingly, personal telephone calls, personal 
mail, and personal email, should be kept to a minimum.  
Researching the internet for personal use is prohibited and 
may be monitored.
1.  Use of business telephone lines should be confined to
    business calls. Personal telephone calls should be
    as brief as possible. 
2.  Incoming personal calls for employees should be 
3.  When necessity requires that an employee make a personal
    long distance call, the call should be placed through the
    telephone operator and charged to the individual's credit
    card or home number, or placed collect.
4.  In order to avoid adding to the increasing volume of 
    mail, employees should not use our business address in 
    receiving personal mail.
5.  Business stationery should not be used for personal
6.  The use of your employer's computer systems is for 
    business purposes only, and all files and messages are 
    company property. Employees should not expect their 
    communications or use of employer's computer information
    systems to be confidential or private. 

7.  Researching the internet for personal use or shopping 
    via the internet for personal use is prohibited.  All 
    chat rooms, games, travel,  stock trading, 
    hate/discrimination,  and pornography, websites are 
    strictly prohibited, including transmitting or 
    downloading of material that is discriminatory, 
    defamatory, harassing, insulting, offensive, 
    pornographic or obscene. 
8.  Copying and sending any confidential or proprietary 
    information, or software that is protected by copyright 
    is prohibited.
9.  Respect each other's privacy and do not access other 
    employees' electronic communications. 
10. Any misuse of the telephone system, mail, email system 
    or internet as described above will be subject to 
    discipline, up to and including termination. 
11. Your employer may access, search and monitor voice mail, 
    e-mail or company files of any employee that are 
    created, stored or deleted from company computer 

Approved By Governing Board    
Control #147.2