Meals and Rest Breaks

Meal breaks and rest periods are provided as possible in 
order to improve employee productivity and morale during the 
course of each workday.
1.  Each full-time employee shall be allowed a meal period
    near the middle of the workday.  The meal period shall be
    at least thirty minutes.   Employees should sign out and 
    in for their meal periods.
2.  Employees shall not be compensated for their meal breaks.
3.  If possible, a dining area is provided for employees to
    use during meal periods.  The facilities of this area are
    available to all employees and guests without regard to
    race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. Employees
    who bring their own meals are encouraged to use the
    lounge facilities; eating meals in work areas is
    strictly prohibited.  Employees are responsible for 
    cleaning up the dining area after each use.
4.  Supervisors and department heads are responsible for 
    balancing work loads and scheduling meal breaks. 
    Whenever necessary, the duration and time of meal periods
    may be changed.
5.  Employees are encouraged to take rest breaks as
    assigned. This is time where employees may remove them-
    selves from their station, get some fresh air, and take
    some time to themselves.  Employees who choose not to 
   take their rest breaks will not be entitled to leave 
    before the normal quitting time.
6.  Free coffee for all employees is provided.  No food or
    beverage is to be consumed in patient areas.
Approved By Governing Board    
Control #146.0