Hours of Work

Routine working hours have been established to meet the 
demands of the patient load and to facilitate the efficient 
use of personnel resources.
1.  The normal workweek is forty hours to be performed from
    Monday through Friday.  Occasional Saturday work may be
2.  The normal workday shall consist of eight consecutive
    hours of work with an unpaid meal period lasting 30
    minutes.  Rest (or coffee breaks) are considered as time
    worked and are scheduled, when possible, by the
    employee's supervisor based on patient load.  The 
    individual schedule for each employee shall be
    determined by the employee's supervisor.
3.  Employees are responsible for completion of their work on
    a timely basis.  Exchanging work schedules with other
    employees is discouraged.
4.  When operating requirements or other needs cannot be met
    during regular business hours, employees may be scheduled 
    to work overtime hours.  When possible, advance notifica-
    tion of these assignments will be provided.  All overtime
    work must receive the supervisor's prior authorization.
    Overtime assignments will be distributed as equitably as
    practical to all employees qualified to perform the 
    required work.
    Overtime is hours worked in excess of forty (40) hours 

   per week; employees may take compensatory time off in 
    lieu of receiving overtime pay.
5.  No overtime compensation will be paid to exempt employees.
Approved By Governing Board    
Control #145.0