Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct in this organization also includes Sexual 
and other Unlawful Harassment policy located in Volume 6
Rules and regulations regarding behavior of all individuals 
working within this organization, whether contracted or 
employed by the organization are necessary for efficient 
operation and to protect the rights and safety of all.  
Conduct that interferes with operations, brings discredit on 
our organization or is offensive to patients, employees, 
contracted individuals, providers of care, etc. will not be 
Rules and regulations regarding staff behavior are necessary 
for efficient operation and to protect the rights and safety 
of all.  Conduct that interferes with operations, brings 
discredit on our organization or is offensive to patients or 
fellow staff will not be tolerated.
1.  All staff are expected to behave in a manner 
    conducive to efficient operation, including:
    A.  Reporting to work, ready for work, on
    B.  Notifying the supervisor when a staff member will be
        absent from, or is unable to report for, work on
    C.  Complying with all office safety and health 
        regulations; OSHA
    D.  Wearing clothing appropriate for the work being 
    E.  Performing assigned tasks efficiently;
    F.  Eating meals only during meal periods and only 
    in designated areas;
    G.  Maintaining work place cleanliness and orderliness;
    H.  Treating all patients and visitors as guests;
    I.  Refraining from behavior deemed offensive or 
        undesirable and/or which is subject to disciplinary
2.  The following conduct is prohibited and will subject 
    the individual involved to disciplinary action up to 
    and including termination:
    A.  The unauthorized use of alcoholic beverages on 
        the premises or reporting for work while under 
        the influence of any mind-altering substances;
    B.  The use of profanity or abusive language; whether 
        directed at an individual or a situation.
    C.  The unauthorized possession of firearms or other 
        weapons on the premises;
    D.  Assault on a fellow staff member, a patient, or a 
        visitor; whether verbal or physical
    E.  Theft or misuse of company property or of 
        property belonging to another staff member;
    F.  Falsifying any office record or report, such as 
        an application for employment, a patient medical 
        record, a time record, or shipping and/or 
        receiving records.
3.  The possession, sale, or use of a controlled substance
    other than a drug prescribed by a physician is
    prohibited. Any staff found to be selling or 
    distributing unauthorized drugs will be subject to
    immediate termination.

   4.  Situations of actual, potential or perceived conflict 
    interest are to be avoided.  Personal or romantic 
    involvement with a competitor, supplier or subordinate 
    staff member which affects a staff member's ability to 
    exercise good judgment creates an actual or potential 
    conflict of interest.  Supervisor-subordinate romantic
    or personal relationships also can lead to supervisory 
    problems, possible claims of sexual harassment and 
    morale problems.
    Staff involved in any of the types of relationships
    or situations described in this policy should immediately
    and fully disclose the relevant circumstances to his
    immediate supervisor or any other appropriate supervisor,
    for a determination as to whether a potential or actual
    conflict exists.  If an actual or potential conflict is
    determined, the employer may take whatever corrective 
    action appears appropriate under the circumstances. 
    Failure to disclose facts shall constitute grounds for
    disciplinary action.  
5.  The foregoing examples are illustrative of the type of 
    behavior that will not be permitted, but are not intended
    to be all-inclusive.  Any questions in connection with 
    this policy should be directed to the staff member's 
    supervisor or the Medical Director.
Approved By Governing Board    
Control #141.1