The ultimate purpose of all work in a medical environment is 
to help people.  Policies and procedures are necessary in 
order to achieve this goal.  Every member of the health care 
team must remember that the objective is more important than 
the rules themselves.  If a rule seems to interfere with the 
goal of helping people, the rule must be questioned and, 
perhaps, changed. 
A strong doctor-patient relationship is important if the 
patient is to receive full benefits from the physician's 
services.  The patient must be confident in the abilities of 
the physician and the physician's staff and be comfortable in 
a professional environment which protects ethical concerns 
while providing warm, personalized treatment.  Patient 
confidentiality is foremost to allow the patient to feel safe 
in discussing expectations and apprehensions.
It is unethical and inappropriate to discuss other 
physicians, medical practices, or methods of treatment.  
Employees should not use words such as 'cure' or 'guarantee' 
which may mislead a patient or cause a patient to make a 
false assumption about the outcome of a treatment.  
Similarly, it is our policy that business affairs should be 
discussed with no one outside the organization except on a 
need to know basis.
No employee may accept a gift or gratuity from a vendor, 
supplier or other person with whom we conduct business, 
including business meals or trips, as it may give the 
appearance of influence regarding business decisions and 
Patient lists, files, and copyrights are developed using 
company resources.  All legal rights relative to these items 
are reserved to the owners.  Such property may not be removed 
from the office without express written permission.
At times when the Medical Director is not available, there 
will be resources available for both the administrative and 
clinical functions for which the Medical Director is 
responsible.  Each staff person has the obligation to know 
how to access these resources, according to his/her position, 
to assure an unbroken continuum of care for our patients.  
The most valuable resource of this organization is our 
employees, our most important component in allowing the 
members of the medical staff to effectively serve our 
patients.  We appreciate your efforts to help all our 
patients enjoy their relationship with this office.
Approved By Governing Board    
Control #139.0