Removal of Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment is removed before leaving the 
procedure room unless the staff member is transporting 
equipment to the decontamination area for cleaning.   When 
equipment/supplies must be removed from the room, staff 
members remain garbed in personal protective equipment until 
all cleanup is completed at which time the protective gear is 
removed and discarded.
Equipment is disposed of in the proper receptacle. 
Hands are washed subsequent to removal of all protective 
1.  The first step to removing the gown is for scrubbed 
    personnel to untie gown at waist; Neck and inside waist 
    ties are unfastened by staff to prevent contamination of 
    own scrubs with the patient's secretions and blood.
2.  Gowns are removed first so that areas contaminated from 
    patient's bacteria which is now present on outside of 
    gown are folded inward as the gown is removed.  Gown is 
    disposed of in the proper receptacle. 
3.  Gloves are removed by taking the outer edge of one glove 
    with the other gloved hand and pulling glove off. 
4.  With ungloved hand, slip fingers inside cuff edge and 
    pull off glove, inside out.

5.  Gloves are then disposed of in the proper receptacle. 
6.  Wash hands after removing gloves.

Approved By Governing Board    
Control #123.0