Gowning Procedure


The nature of the procedures performed at our organization does not necessitate the use of sterile technique. Sterile draping, gloving and technique is not used during endoscopic procedures and endoscopic instrument reprocessing. High level disinfection is used for endoscopic instrument reprocessing. 

The sterile gown is worn to permit the wearer to come within 
the sterile field and to carry out sterile technique during 
the operation.  Disposable wrap-around gowns are used only 
once; they should be removed and disposed of immediately 
following the procedure.
Packaged sterile gowns and gloves are opened on a separate 
table. The inside of the wrapper becomes a sterile field.  
After following scrubbing protocol, dry hands and arms with 
towel provided with the sterile gown; care should be taken 
not to return to an area already dried.  If while drying the 
hands the towel becomes contaminated by brushing against the 
scrub attire, it is discarded and another sterile towel is 
1.  Towel is grasped by one corner, allowing it to unfold.  
    This maintains integrity of surgical scrub and prevents 
    the spread of contaminants by moisture.  Bend slightly 
    forward to prevent towel from hitting unsterile scrub 
2.  One hand is dried starting from the fingers and working 
    up to the elbow without returning down the arm.
3.  With the dried hand, grasp lower edge of towel.  Dry the 
    fingers of the second hand and work up to the elbow. 
4.  Discard towel in proper receptacle.  Towel is now a 
     source for attracting contaminants due to its moist 
5.  Pick up the sterile gown by grasping the middle of the 
    gown towards the neck edge and lift off from the wrapper 
    avoiding the wrapper edges. Step back and allow the gown 
    to unfold, holding it away from the body. 
6.  While facing the sterile field, place hands and arms into 
    both sleeves simultaneously, keeping hands inside at the 
    wrist cuffs. Avoid touching outside of gowns.
7.  A staff person fastens the gown at the neck and the 
    inside waist strings. The front of the gown from 
    shoulders to waist including the sleeves is considered 
8.  Gloving procedure is followed, according to protocol.
9.  After gloving the 'turn tab' is presented to the 
    circulator. The back of sterile gown is considered dirty. 
    Therefore, the sterile person cannot reach around own 
    back to tie gown.
10. Turn so that the tie is brought completely around the 
    waist.  A secure gown prevents the shedding of bacteria 
    onto a sterile field.  Gown strings are not allowed to 
    drop below waist level until after tied.  Gown is not 
    considered sterile below the waist.
Approved By Governing Board    
Control #119.0