Gloving Procedure

The nature of the procedures performed at our organization does not necessitate the use of sterile technique. Sterile draping, gloving and technique is not used during endoscopic procedures and endoscopic instrument reprocessing. High level disinfection is used for endoscopic instrument reprocessing. 
For Level II procedures, two methods of gloving are used - 
the closed glove method and the open glove method. The closed 
glove method is preferred because there is less chance of 
contamination of the outside sterile gloves by the surgically 
clean hand.  If a glove must be replaced during the 
procedure, the open glove method must be used.
1.  With fingers of covered right hand, grasp the edge of the 
    glove wrapper and open. (Sterile cuff touches sterile 
    glove wrapper.)
2.  Pick up the sterile left glove and place it on the left 
    arm of gown with fingers pointing toward elbow and thumb 
    downward.  The cuff of the glove should be touching the 
    cuff edge of the gown.  (The sterile glove must come in 
    contact with only sterile objects to maintain sterility.)
3.  Grasp the cuff in the right hand and turn it over the end 
    of the left sleeve cuff and hand.
4.  Grasp the top of the left glove and underlying gown 
    sleeve.  Pull the glove on. (Surgically clean hand comes 
    in contact with inside of sterile glove only.)
5.  The sterile gloved hand repeats the procedure for putting 
    on the right glove.

6.  Remove excess powder from gloves with damp towel.  
    Powder can result in the patient having a foreign body 
    reaction or adhesion.)
OPEN METHOD (Used when changing gloves during a case)
1.  Take a sterile glove from wrapper by placing fingers of 
    sterile gloved hand under the everted cuff; introduce 
    surgically clean hand into glove. (Surgically clean hand 
    touches only the inside of sterile glove.)
2.  Draw the glove over the cuff of the gown keeping sterile 
    fingers under the cuff of the glove.
3.  Bring the cuff of the glove over the upper part of the 
    gown cuff by slightly separating the finger under the 
    turned-back cuff and by rotating the arm externally and 
4.  Wipe off excess powder on gloves with a damp towel.
NOTE:   See end of gowning procedure for glove removal 
Approved By Governing Board    
Control #118.0