Adherence to Scrub Technique

The nature of the procedures performed at our organization does not necessitate the use of sterile technique. Sterile scrub, draping, gloving and technique is not used during endoscopic procedures and endoscopic instrument reprocessing. High level disinfection is used for endoscopic instrument reprocessing. 
When appropriate to the level of infection control required, 
full sterile technique will be utilized in the scrub 
technique of the physician performing the procedure.  To 
reduce the possibility of contamination of the operative area 
by bacteria from hands and arms, the following techniques 
will be followed by all members of the surgical team during 
sterile procedures.  The skin of the hands and forearms are 
de-germed to reduce the microbial flora in the event of glove 
In non-sterile procedures, an abbreviated scrub may be 
employed.  Full sterile procedure requires that surgical 
scrub technique as described below be followed.
PROCEDURE: Always follow manufacturer's instructions
1.  The scrub procedure shall be performed under constantly
    running tepid water.
2.  Open sterile scrub brush.  Add water and soap to make a 
    lather.  Wash hands and arms to above elbows.
3.  Clean the subungual spaces with a nail stick, being sure
    to work lather under the nail rims.  Rinse under running
    water, being sure to keep the hands higher than the 
4.  Using the sterile scrub brush, add soap preparation and 
    water as needed to create a rich lather.  Begin by 

 scrubbing one hand and arm, starting at the fingertips, 
    scrubbing the nails and each side of the finger and the 
    web spaces between the fingers.  Proceed to scrub the 
    palm and the back of the hand arm on all sides up to and 
    including the elbow.  Short strokes and circular motions
    are used during the scrub procedure. 
5.  Rinse hands and arms thoroughly under running water.
6.  If 'hands-free' levers are not available on scrub sinks,
    another staff member shall be called to turn off the 
    water at the end of the scrub procedure.
7.  With hands pointing to the ceiling and the elbows to the
    floor, scrubbed team member may proceed to the gowning 
    and gloving area.
8.  The full scrub shall be utilized prior to all invasive
    surgical procedures 
Approved By Governing Board    
Control #116.1