Reduction of Traffic in Clinical Areas

Only authorized personnel are allowed within the Operating 
Room suite and the recovery room.
1.  In order to reduce sources of contamination, only 
    authorized persons shall be allowed in the Procedure 
    Rooms and OR suites;  Authorized personnel will 
    generally be limited to physicians involved in the case
    and procedure personnel assigned to the case.
2.  All persons entering the surgical suite shall be properly 
    attired; no visitors are allowed in surgical areas 
    without the permission of the surgeon.
3.  Non-facility health care personnel shall be allowed only 
    at the discretion of the Medical Director with the 
    concurrence of the surgeon and/or the anesthesiologist.
    To be considered for Observer status, such personnel must
    have a legitimate medical interest in the outcome of the
    Specialized Observers with a legitimate medical interest
    in the case may include an outside surgical supply 
    company representative who deals with surgical equipment 
    pertinent to the case.
    All Observers must sign an appropriate, HIPAA-compliant
    confidentiality form.
4.  All doors shall be kept closed in any area used for 
    procedures while any procedure is underway; doors 
    separating visitor and office areas shall be kept 
    closed at all times.
5.  Family members/patient caregivers may be permitted into
    pre- and post-surgical areas only with the permission of
    the Medical Director or designee.
Approved By Governing Board    
Control #110.0