Cleaning and Sanitation of the Surgical Suite

A schedule for the cleaning and disinfection of the surgical 
suite will be prepared and implemented, under the direction 
of the clinical supervisor.
The cleaning of areas used for procedures shall include:
1.  Daily all flat surfaces will be wiped with a clean 
    cloth moistened with antimicrobacterial solution. 
2.  After each procedure;
    A.  All supplies used in the previous procedure are 
    B.  The exterior surfaces of soiled specimen containers
        and equipment being moved from the area are cleaned 
        prior to removal.
    C.  Sharps are disposed of into proper safety containers.
    D.  Contaminated instruments, basin trays and other items
        are handled using appropriate personal protective 
    E.  Instruments being removed from the procedure area are
        covered during transport to the utility area by use of a bag.
    F.  The floor, walls and any other surfaces which may 
        have become soiled are wiped using an antimicro-
        bacterial solution.
    G.  Disposable anesthesia circuits, masks, nasal canulas and endo-
        tracheal tubes are discarded after each use.  Any
        body fluids or wraps/dressing contaminated
        with body fluids are placed in red bags.    

3.  At the end of each surgical day;
    A.  Soiled linen and disposables are removed to   
        designated areas.
    B.  The procedure table, all ancillary tables and carts,
        counters and equipment are washed with an antimicro-
        bacterial solution.
    C.  All floors are wet mopped with an antimicrobacterial
    D.  Walls and other furniture are spot cleaned, as
    E.  Sinks and faucets are cleaned.
4.  As needed to maintain cleanliness of the procedure 
    A.  All equipment, tables, carts, stools, furniture 
         are wiped.
5.  On at least an annual basis, the entire procedure 
    areas--floors, ceilings, walls, and cabinets--are 
    rescrubbed, following the removal of all stored items. 
    All drawers and cabinets are opened and emptied of 
    contents during this scrub.
6.  All materials necessary to carry out proper cleaning 
    functions are immediately available to the procedure 
7.  Items observed to be in need of repair are to be 
    removed from service, with repairs requested from 
    appropriate sources. If such items are contaminated 
    or have the potential for contamination, appropriate 
    safety measures will be utilized to assure the well-
    being of those handling the items.
Daily housekeeping duties are performed by trained staff.  
Outside supplemental services may be used from time to time 
under contract upon demonstration of basic knowledge of 
aseptic procedure and concern for maintenance of 
confidentiality of patients and staff.
Approved By Governing Board    
Control #109.0