The Personnel Record

It is the policy of this organization to maintain certain 
records on each employee which are directly related to the 
employee's job.  At all times, efforts will be made to 
balance the employee's right to privacy with the need to 
collect and use information. 
Each employee's personnel file will have three main 
components: one to contain employment-related materials, one 
for medical, and a third section to contain a confidential 
Immigration and Naturalization form.  Only persons with a 
'need to see' will have access to any personnel files; we 
will cooperate with requests from authorized law enforcement 
or local, state or federal agencies conducting official 
The employee has the right to inspect certain documents in 
the personnel file, as provided by law, in the presence of a 
representative of this organization at a mutually convenient 
time.  In some instances, certain sensitive and confidential