January 7, 2017: We have an exceptional group of intelligent and friendly team members that have incredible personality and charisma.  

We will keep updating this section to help you get to know our growing team.  Check back soon!

Rakesh Gupta, M.D.
Dr. Rakesh Gupta or "the doc that rocks" as his patients and staff like to call him, is a Board Certified Gastroenterologist who has specialized in digestive diseases for over 20 years. He has completed his 3 year Fellowship from Mount Sinai Hospital, New York City and still holds a position there as Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine.

He believes in putting his patient's comfort before himself and with the support of his well-trained office staff, he has created a warm and serene environment for his patients.

Dr. Gupta is kind, caring and a true family man. Although he is usually always busy looking after his patients, during his free time, he likes to travel with his family and catch up on golf.


When looking for a doctor, Cindy looks for a clean modern atmosphere that has a friendly staff supporting a physician with many years of experience in practice.  She enjoys working in the medical industry because she is given the opportunity to help patients in an industry that is constantly changing, bringing something new daily.  

Her best features involve her strong work ethic, knowing that whenever she sets a goal, nothing will stop her from accomplishing it.   When asking Cindy to describe her best personal accomplishments, she responds by referring to her family and her personal growth in the Gupta Gastro Team.

"Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obsticle." - Christian D. Larson

Brunilda chose to become a medical assistant because she always wanted to work in the medical field. Her best trait is her optimism. She thinks a great doctor would be caring and one who takes time to listen to a patient's health concerns.

The thing that she loves most about working in the medical field is to be able to help the patient and bring a smile to their faces. In her leisure time, Brunilda likes arts and crafts like knitting, crochet and spending time with her family and friends. 

Andrea Vasquez
Andrea's best personal accomplishment is putting her kids in college. She believes that her best features are her smile and that she's friendly and outgoing.

She thinks the most important factors for choosing a doctor include the years they have been working, the staff that assists them and their patient reviews. Helping people and putting a smile on their faces is the attribute that she likes most about working in the medical industry.

Her hobbies include movies, relaxing at home and going to a lounge club.

Shayla Garo
Shayla strongly believes in following her heart and her faith that never failed and has got her as far as she is today. Her personal motivation is to "reach for the moon". Her best feature is how giving and caring she is. She thinks one should lead by example to show others how they'd like to be treated.

When choosing a doctor, she looks for a doctor that will consider her thoughts and give/take their time throughly to examine the patients. According to Shayla, the best doctors will always remember their patients. What she likes most about working in the medical industry is that she is looked upon as a hero. She likes to save the day and it is extremely rewarding to know how much she is a great help to someone other than herself.
Her favorite activity outside of Gupta Gastro is sleeping. When she's not sleeping, she loves to dance and sing alone or with company. Her goal in life is to be a jack of all trades.
Words of wisdom:
"Where there is a will, there is a way."

ID Christina.png

Christina is honest, kind and caring and is determined when she knows what she wants. Drawing, listening to music and watching good movies are some of her favorite activities outside of Gupta Gastro.

When looking for a doctor, she thinks the reviews, education and availabilty matters the most. The thing that she likes the most about working in the medical industry is being able to help people.

Darlene's best personal accomplishment is graduating from college. She loves to smile and make others happy.

When choosing a doctor, the most important factor she considers is years of experience, where the doctor is located and word of mouth. The fact that we can put a smile on people that are in discomfort is the thing she likes most about the medical industry.

She loves shopping and spending time with family and friends outside of work.


Gloria's best personal accomplishment is becoming a mother. She likes to entertain people by her sitdown comedies. She also likes puzzles and reading in her free time.

When choosing a doctor, she prefers a clean office with friendly staff and availability. She enjoys working in the medical industry because she loves helping and treating people the way she would like her family members to be treated.